The sky is what is above the horizon for under the horizon there is the earth. This is so when the horizon pretends to be a line running endlessly both rightward and leftward. However it is known that this is not so because the horizon is not an open line and it runs endlessly neither rightward nor leftward. The horizon is a closed line, not necessarily circle or oval because here it has been shaped as rectangle. If this rectangle is placed horizontally, then it is easy to indicate where ABOVE is – but if this rectangle is placed vertically, or if it is strongly tilted, as if rising, then it is quite difficult to indicate where ABOVE is. In the case of perfectly vertical position ABOVE, as well as UNDER, will be almost IN FRONT OF and BEHIND. But there is another preposition which bravely manifests its existence and fights for its rights – IN – thus surprises us with the following astonishing questions:
Is the sky above Liberland or in Liberland?
If the sky is both above and in Liberland, then is it the same sky or are they two different skies?
If there is the sky in Liberland, then it must be a Liberlish sky – is the Liberlish sky a part of the sky in general, like any Sea is the part of the Ocean (then this words should be considered names and should be written with capital letters in the beginning)?
What colour is the sky in Liberland? Well, it looks like it is white, and if it is white and if it is in, then it permeates Liberland, which means Liberland is in the sky ...... the sky is in Liberland and Liberland is in the sky – is it?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
There are many other questions of this kind.
Really surprising. Even taking aback.
Are the answers also surprising and even taking aback?
Surprisingly delighting or surprisingly disappointing?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Can the sky in Liberland be cloudy?
What clouds float across the Liberish sky?
Mostly shapeless, meaning with no specific shape. But in any moment clouds can take a shape of any creature or object flying floating falling rising....